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1 and 5 NPO Argenton afd. 3

this summer two original pigeons from our loft won the very hard race fr...

23 first prizes 2016

Here one list from the first prizes we have won in 2016

1/ 165...

again one National Ace

 B15-6043016 " Sweet Sixteen " became 8' national ace...

National Championships

Our super hen "Beyonce" placed herself amonst the best Belgium...


Four first prizes in one day
Geplaatst: 26-5-2011

On saturday 21 May, our birds make an outstanding performance , 4 different pigeons winning first prizes .

In KFC "Tia" wins 1 prize Vierzon  against 479 old birds , last year she also wins 1 Chateauroux 543 yl and 1"ace pigeon KFC , together with her, two yearlings arrived ,winning 1,and 2 Vierzon 262 yearlings KFC .The first  a grandson from "extra" and "ipswitch" , and the mother is a granddaughter from "Bliksem" from Gaby Vandenabeele , the second prize winner is a son from "kilt"

In the Antwerp union we won 1(3 min .ahead) ,3, dourdan 1258 Old birds The first prize winner is "tijger"6136060.09 who wins also last year (22.05.2010) 1" Dourdan 2030 yearlings (4 min ahead against loft mate)

Also we won  1 Dourdan 2216 yearlings(4 min ahead) with "vampire" 6065172.10 his mother is "suzy" 6092244.08 in 2009 on 07.04.2009 she wins  1 Dourdan Antwerp Union 1008 birds  , and also the fasted from 10968 birds provincial

Both "Vampire" and "tijger" were the two fastest pigeons provincial against 11033 pigeons, a very special achievement !!!!!!!!!!!!

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